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new account [December 29th, 2005]
i'm thinking about change my journal's name
i don't like misspaperclip ):

edit: finally, i'm leaving misspaperclip
you can find me here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/monocromo/
i don't delete this site, but i won't post here anymore.


new year, new user.
cmnt # 17

[December 27th, 2005]

birds in my head...
that's what my mother always says to me.
cmnt # 42

[December 25th, 2005]

merry christmas people!
last night, i passed it very well with my family. this year was the best!
and well.. i have a very good new for 2006:
i'm going to take promotional photographs of Inkeys! they're an indie band from my region and i'm really happy with that 'cause it's one of my objectives in the life!
i think about music & arts together and wow... that is totally wonderful!
cmnt # 35

[December 23rd, 2005]

+ 4 crossprocessedCollapse )

cmnt # 32

[December 22nd, 2005]

ps. sorry if a post a lot of pics these days...
i have sooo many...
cmnt # 39

[December 21st, 2005]

barb is looking for her lost feets
cmnt # 11

[December 20th, 2005]

this is my favourite cow kissing his best friend the horse.
december 2005
cmnt # 19

[December 20th, 2005]

yes yes yes
do you like it?
this is a picture of my first crossed process roll! :D
cmnt # 36

[December 18th, 2005]

wood and grass, i am walking...
with my new and cute pair of shoes.
cmnt # 45

[December 16th, 2005]

i know, this is very different to my photographs
but i need to experiment for to learn! :D
cmnt # 34

[December 16th, 2005]

if you want to listen my favourite song at the moment
cmnt # 11

[December 16th, 2005]
cmnt # 23

[December 13th, 2005]

qué casualidad

[December 10th, 2005]

hello cuca & its not not
19th of november, 2005
at 12ymedio club @ murcia

ps. do you like the new layout? heh
if you dont know guther, you must do it >> guthermusic.de
cmnt # 23

[December 10th, 2005]

please, i want that drawing in my kitchen! click click
i don't have new collages, neither photographs ):
i'm sorry really, because i wanted post something but blah...
i feel so apathetic lately.
cmnt # 30

[December 8th, 2005]
next week is cute.
i'll get a hamster called hiroshi (:
cmnt # 17

[December 6th, 2005]

lali puna is inspiring, really.
with sewn birds, cloth clouds & contouring buildings
cmnt # 42

[December 4th, 2005]

please. tell me if you like this or not...
it's my first design... and i don't know if it's cool, it's ugly or what!
i wanna do an artzine (:
and i'm happy because my father will buy me a laptop for xmas! hurray! ^___^
cmnt # 71

[December 3rd, 2005]
cmnt # 33

[December 3rd, 2005]

how to play a little piano.
(with the right feet)
cmnt # 29

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